The oldest Gong Camp in North America, featuring the world's most complete Gong advanced training syllabus, is now coming to Europe with a fresh and exciting format!
What is 9Ways Gong Camp?

In a nutshell, this program is about 'everything Gong', and your relationship with it. An intensive week of Gong studies examining its historical roots, therapeutic benefits, metaphysical dimensions, various types and styles of Gongs, accessories, extensive practice exercises, and much more.

Led by Mitch Nur, PhD, one of the main authorities in Sound Work and Gong culture worldwide, this inaugural European edition features a plethora of remarkable ingredients that will make it a must-attend event for anyone serious about Gong playing, and as a plus, a blissful and celebratory gathering in the beautiful Portugal.

Gong Camp Europe Powerful Mix:
 Stellar Instructors: Learn from internationally-acclaimed Gong artists, scholars and creators including Mitch Nur, PhD, Mike Tamburo, Thomas Orr Anderson, MA, Xin Yong, Michael Bettine, Suzie Price, Madhava Carrara, Margherita Cioffi, Mallika Paritosh, MA, Anika Petrovic, and more to be announced!

Intensive Practice: Immerse yourself in a minimum of 6 hours per day dedicated to exploring the sonic universe of the Gong. From drones to attacks, the essential use of sound and no sound, to the use of the Gong's frequency domains as a psycho-acoustical entry point for shifting consciousness.

✨ Advanced Academic Instruction: Each day, we will cover a theoretical aspect of Gong studies, ranging from its origins to the instrument's physics. The tuition is led by esteemed members of the 9Ways Academia Faculty.

✨  Embodiment, Active Meditations & Energy Practices: Often overlooked in Sound Work programs, each morning, Mallika & Gopal will lead bodywork sessions to open the bodies of Sound Workers to higher levels of awareness, fluidity, and receptivity to the other aspects of the program.

State of the Art Gongs: You'll have the chance to practice on some truly exceptional Gong Art pieces and a variety of gong types.

Chillout in Nature: Take in during the program the magnificent natural and historical setting of Quinta São José dos Montes, with its beautiful gardens, animals, saltwater swimming pool for relaxation, and one of Europe's largest lakes just 5 minutes away!

Performances & Celebration: Experience magical evenings filled with dance, celebration, rituals, live performances and an unforgettable Closing Ceremony!
Mitch Nur, PhD (USA)
Senior Instructor and Spiritual Director of 9Ways Academia, and Drup Shen Pa (Bönpo title), Mitch Nur, PhD, has spent nearly 5 decades as a Ethnomusicologist, Sacred Sound Researcher, Practitioner and Teacher.  Referred to as the 'Indiana Jones of Sound Healing' by many of his colleagues, he is an authority on Sacred Sound instruments and applications as it pertains to ritual, ceremony, sound therapies, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal transformation. His engagement with the compassionate teachings of the East, combined with his shamanic training, gives him a unique perspective among today's teachers. 
Mike Tamburo (USA)
Mike Tamburo is a world-renowned musician, composer, artist and educator. He is known and loved for his transformational live concerts performed on his personally curated set of gongs, bells and other metal instruments.
A lifelong multi-instrumentalist, Tamburo has focused his talents on metal percussion instruments, string instruments (hammered dulcimer, guitar, zither, shahi baaja), as well as electronic instruments (synths, looping). Since 1994, Tamburo has shared more than 2,000 concerts and workshops, and has recorded over 70 albums.
Thomas Orr Anderson, MA (USA)
Thomas Orr Anderson, M.Sc. is a science whiz and a natural born musician. He earned bachelors and masters degrees in physics, as well as continuously traveled the globe seeking lessons from indigenous Healing Masters. He always seeks magical locations to record his music and the sounds of Nature. For two decades, Thomas has been a devoted explorer, student and teacher in the nebulous field of sound healing, also exploring architectural acoustics and archaeo-acustics and the acoustical properties of fundamental geometries, including the Platonic solids. He is the author of 4 books and the founder of PhySionics.
Yin Xiong (South Africa)
Yin Xiong, originally from China and currently residing in South Africa, has been a Sacred Sound Practitioner for over 30 years. Known as the Gong Ambassador, in the late 1980s she brought her gongs and sound music to Southern Africa and later to the Middle East. In 2014, she became the first and only person to introduce gongs to Saudi Arabia, offering private services, community activities, and public performances. As a sound and music meditation practitioner, Yin Xiong has performed on various stages worldwide. Her "Opera of Sounds" provides uplifting and inspiring sound journeys with a welcoming tone. She is an active member of the world's leading society for sound music facilitators.
Mallika Paritosh (Argentina)
Mallika Paritosh is a poet, a Philosophy scholar from the University of Buenos Aires specialized in Tantric philosophy, a composer of meditative music, a classical pianist and Music Educator from the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires, a Sound Therapist, as well as a certified Meditation facilitator. As a researcher, she has focused her research on the use of Sound, Dance and Trance in the context of the Matrifocal cultures of the Paleolithic. As a musician and dancer, she has performed traditional music and dances at a wide variety of festivals for 20 years and now plays more than 45 instruments. She is a member of 9Ways Academia's Faculty and the Director of Operations of 9Ways Europe.
Gopal (Italy)
Gopal is a certified SkyDancing® Tantra teacher, a certified OSHO® Meditation and Divine Healing Arts facilitator and a certified Shiatsu practitioner. He is also active in many different artistic lines of work: as a rock musician (he recorded 11 albums over the years), event organizer (he produced thousands of shows, major and underground festivals, conventions, and workshops all around Europe), DJ, teacher, and facilitator, constantly experimenting and combining the 3 Tantric Keys (Breath, Movement, and Sound) with innovative meditation techniques.
Performers & Presenters
Michael Bettine (US)
Michael Bettine is a professional percussionist and has been an explorer of sounds for over 50 years. During that time he has also studied Alchemy and Hermeticism, both of which he uses to expand and inform his sound work. As a writer, he has published over 100 magazine articles, 700+ blog posts, and 10 books on percussion, including his new book, 'The Way of the Gong - Explorations and Observations in Sound’. Michael is also devoted to music education, transmitting his knowledge in private lessons, workshops and on his YouTube & Patreon channels. He is a long time Paiste endorser.
Margherita Cioffi & Madhava Carrara - Grotta Sonora (Italy)
Grotta Sonora is a project for the design and construction of hand-crafted experimental musical instruments. Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi, artisans and musicians, started this project building on their personal experimentation with sound, using different types of metals. Their first instruments were crafted in a cave of Etruscan origin near Calcata, an ancient village in the Treja Valley. The cave proved to be the perfect place to play these newly-crafted instruments, thus launching the Grotta Sonora project.
Grotta Sonora's vision is to create different sonic environments in unique locations around the world, recreating the magical resonance and harmony found in their grotta.
Anika Petrovic (Serbia)
After years of exploration and learning various skills like Reiki, Tai Chi, and Yoga, she has discovered in Sound a path that has opened doors to a new level of knowledge. For the past decade, she has been dedicated to helping people live healthier lives through the power of sound. She is a renowned sound massage and gong practitioner who offers Gong relaxations and transformative journeys with Gongs worldwide. She is the founder of the Galactic Gong Vision Team and serves as the Architect & Sound Association - Gong Serbia. Additionally, she is the proud owner of Galactic Gong by Anika Petrovic, the first specialized store for sound healing in Serbia.
Suzie Price (UK)
Suzie fell in love with the way of the gong 12 years ago, finding the Gong Bath to be both a wonderfully therapeutic and a blissful experience. She is a Gong artist out of Great Britain who assists in the Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre. She treasures a large collection of big Gongs offering Gong Baths, Sound Meditations and Chant circles on a regular basis in the UK, showing great skill and presence.
Miguel Lourenço (Portugal)
Miguel Lourenço, a former computer programmer, experienced a remarkable recovery from a terminal condition through a profound connection with a singing bowl. This transformative experience lead him to delve into the world of Sound and eventually craft his distinctive line of gongs. Disenchanted with the conventional manufacturing and marketing practices of gongs, which often treated them as mere commodities, he uses the same tuning method as the global giants while embracing the ethos of "One person, one Gong," creating personalized gongs that resonate with individual souls.
And more to be announced soon!
What makes 9WAys Gong Camp unique?
This program explores the tonal alchemy and metaphysical approaches with an emphasis on how to use the Gong's frequency domains as a psycho-acoustical entry point for shifting consciousness. The Gong technician who can reach a place of non-conceptuality and locality can use the Gong as a wheelhouse to alter Time and Space.
The Syllabus
Inner & Outer Instructions
The basic structure of this syllabus covers many parts, starting with gong stands, mallets and assorted striking implements, exercises on all types of gongs, exploring the sonic universe from drones to attacks, the essential use of sound and no sound, followed by advanced workshops which penetrate the inner understanding of this instrument. The Gong is a very complex instrument and developing a useful skill set, combined with deep listening can lead to extraordinary acoustics.

Intensive practice
The best avenue of learning is through direct experience, this was, and is the methods that were taught in the monasteries, ashrams, mystery schools and temples from the distant past to today. We feel that learning a subject has many dimensions, and the student requires the most straightforward methods through experience, to sharpen the Sword of Wisdom. During the dedicated practice time of at least 6 hours per day, each student will have the opportunity to test more than 50 different gongs.
Theoretical Foundations
Sprinkled throughout all this practice and play time, is dialogue on the philosophy of Gong play and the most refined research on Gong history available today, led by 9Ways Academia Faculty. We will also have a 'science of metals' workshop, which is an examination of the physics of the Gong, including some wave theory and other insights that explain 'why and how' the Gong is what it is.
Substantiation & Advance Training
We do not teach a specific philosophical jargon in regards to the Gong. The Gong is one of the most powerful sound instruments in the world and is its own philosophy, which is why it has been adopted by many of the world's spiritual traditions. No one spiritual tradition can claim this instrument. Because the Gong is capable of erasing all conceptions, it can also transform all conditions. We ARE ONLY teaching you the Gong, without mixing in any other instruments, taking away valuable time, to learn the most about the Gong.

Who is this program for?
9Ways Gong Camp is an important step for all those new to the Gong, as well as those who are playing and using the Gong in personal practice or for groups. A strong foundation and knowledge base is a necessary step in becoming proficient with this instrument, and allowing yourself to be stretched further, by new ideas and concepts broadening and enriching your expertise.

The emphasis is to make everyone who attends this program gain more wisdom, enabling them to become self assured in their abilities with the Gong. You will leave this program knowledgeable, empowered, elevated, and confident.

Daily Schedule
Gong Camp Europe has been conceived as a comprehensive global program to elevate gong musicians in all aspects, including presence, body awareness and fluidity, practical skills, academic and scientific knowledge, deep listening, and exploration of the unseen aspects of the gong and its potential.

Embodiment・Movement・Energy Practices
Active meditations and embodiment practices with Mallika & Gopal.


Morning Practicum
3-hour practical session led by the program's instructors.


Theoretical Foundations  -  Conference
1 / 1.5-hour theory session led by the 9Ways Academy Faculty teachers.

Afternoon Practicum
2 / 2.5-hour practical session led by the program's instructors.


Performances & Celebration
Live performances by the presenters and instructors of the program, and enchanting evening events.

We highly recommend that you bring your own gong as it will allow you to deepen your understanding and connection with your instrument. However, if you're unable to bring your own gong, we'll provide you with one.
 The Venue
Quinta São Jose dos Montes, Tomar, Portugal
Extending over 20 hectares, Quinta de São José dos Montes lies at the heart of the largest maritime pine forest in the Iberian Peninsula. There are stunning views from the porch, from where you can observe various animals in their natural habitat, as well as farm animals, and a glimpse of Castelo do Bode Lake.

The main building is arranged around a courtyard with an outdoor saltwater pool, a cozy lounge, a large dining room and a porch with a barbecue for moments of pure leisure and fun in contact with nature. The Gardens are another magical area, well tended and pruned by Edward Scissors Hands.

You can enjoy the farm’s animals, such as horses, donkey, cattle dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and goats, salamanders, and so many birds that fly over the hills and all over the surrounding area.

The Quinta belongs to Tomar, a Templar city, former headquarters of the Order of the Templars, full of artistic and cultural wealth and
mysteries. Currently, there are those who claim that Quinta São José dos Montes may hold the key to the Holy Grail, hence the growing demand for mystics and explorers who pass through this space.


Located 120 km from Lisbon, 190 km from Porto, 350 km from the Algarve, 15 km from Tomar, 7 km from Ferreira do Zêzere and 900 m from Albufeira de Castelo de Bode.
The Food
Quinta São José dos Montes serves vegan, vegetarian and some gluten-free dishes, seasoned with care and love. They work with unprocessed, fresh and preferably local food, organically produced in their own gardens, aromatic herbs and eggs from the free and happy hens nurtured by the TerraSana project. Bread and jams are home-made and olive oil and honey are supplied locally. The chef prepares balanced menus, providing all the nutrients required for good health in inspiring and creative dishes.
Practical Info
The workshop will be in English.
All levels of Gong players are welcome.
We highly recommend that you bring your own gong as it will allow you to deepen your understanding and connection with your instrument. However, if you're unable to bring your own gong, we'll provide you with one.
Gong Camp will officially start with an Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 15th May 2024 at 18:00. Please arrive between 14:00-16:00 to allow time to check in, explore the venue and settle in before we start.

Gong Camp will end at 12:00 on Wednesday 22th May 2024. If you wish to arrive earlier, or stay longer, please inform the organizer.
Quinta São Jose dos Montes
Estrada dos Montes, Nº134
2300-087 Olalhas – Tomar

Quinta São José dos Montes is located 150 km north of Lisbon.

1.5 hour drive from Lisbon

The cost for each way is approximately €35-40 (€10 train Lisbon-Tomar + €25-30 taxi).
EUR 1500
Portuguese citizens and 9Ways Academia students benefit from a discount. 
Payment plans available upon request. Please reach out to us for further information.
All participants will be issued an official certificate of attendance by 9Ways Europe.
Apart from the Tuition, you should choose one of the Accommodation & Food Packages below. All packages include three vegetarian meals, prepared with vegetables and fruit from the Quinta and local products.
VIP Apartments T0
40 m2 / Studio / 2 pax / 1 double bed
Entire studio apartment with private entrance located on the ground floor, Pool & Mountain View, 1 double bed, private kitchenette, en suite bathroom with bath or shower, fireplace and sitting area.
For 1 couple (there is only a double bed)
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 700 per person

Single Use:
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 1200

VIP Apartments T1
80 m2 / T1 / 2 pax / 2 twin beds
Entire 1-bedroom apartment with private entrance located on the ground floor, Garden & Mountain View, 2 twin beds, 1 sofa bed, fireplace, sitting area, dining area, patio, private kitchenette, private bathroom with bath or shower and extra long beds (> 6.5 ft.). It is possible to add an extra bed.
For 2 people:
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 800 per person

Single Use: 
EUR 1200 per person

VIP Apartment T2
100 m2 / T2 / 4 pax / 4 twin beds
Entire 2-bedroom apartment with private entrance located on ground floor, Garden, Pool & Mountain View. Bedroom 1: 2 twin beds / Bedroom 2: 2 twin beds / Living room: 1 sofa bed, private kitchenette, patio, fireplace, private bathroom with bath or shower, dining area, sitting area and extra long beds (> 6.5 ft.). It is possible to add an extra bed.
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 800 per person

Private Suites
20 m2 /  1 couple  / 1 double bed
Suites located in the main building with Mountain View, 1 double bed, en suite bathroom, free use of large kitchen and dining room area.
For 1 couple (there is only a double bed):
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 800 per person
20m2 / 2 pax / 1 double bed or 2 twin beds
The glamping area of the Quinta is ideal for people with a special taste and awareness of Nature, with romantic Mongolian Yurts, a wooden house, eco-friendly dry toilets and beautiful views over the lake. You can enjoy a Yurt with Mountain View, 1 double bed or 2 twin beds, private kitchen, sitting area, fireplace, and shared ecological bathroom. It is possible to add an extra bed.
For 2 people:
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 700 per person

Single Use:
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 900 per person
Beautiful Geodesic domes with private bathroom and wooden floor.
For 2 people:
7nights + Full Board: 800 euro per person

Single Use:
7 nights + Full Board: 1200 euro

Bell tents
For 2 people:
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 600 per person

Single Use:
7 nights + Full Board: EUR 850 per person
Sleep Inn
Shared Bedroom 50-60m2
The Quinta offers hostel-style accommodation within the Main House, where you can enjoy the magnificent garden with its centuries-old trees. Each room has wardrobes, shared toilet and bathroom. There is a women's dorm, a men's dorm and a gender-neutral dorm.

7 nights + Full Board: EUR 550 per person
The Camping area of the Quinta is located just beyond the Dome with stunning views over the lake. It has capacity for 100 people, with several ecological dry toilets and hot water showers.

7 nights + Full Board: EUR 400 per person
The Magic of Grotta Sonora
A one-of-a-kind opportunity to encounter their Gong Art
Grotta Sonora, which means "Sonorous Cave" in English, was founded by Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi. They design and construct hand-crafted experimental musical instruments, drawing on their personal experimentation with sound and using different types of metals.

Grotta Sonora gongs are made from an alloy with a high presence of nickel mixed with stainless steel, resulting in a gong that is both physically durable and sonically complex. These gongs are perfect for sound therapists working with gongs or composers looking to experiment with unique sounds.

Their first instruments were crafted in a cave of Etruscan origin near Calcata, an ancient village in the Treja Valley. The cave proved to be the perfect place to play these newly-crafted instruments, thus launching the Grotta Sonora project.

Grotta Sonora's vision is to create different sonic environments in unique locations around the world, recreating the magical resonance and harmony found in their grotta.

Learn more about Grotta Sonora:
Spaces are limited and will be filled quickly. To secure your spot, please fill out the Registration Form at your earliest convenience. Upon receipt of your Form, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to reserve your place.
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